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Saturday, 27 of February of 2021

Tag » Mega Piranha

Live-Tweet: Mega Piranha

“It wasn’t an explosion. It wasn’t a terrorist. It was a giant piranha.”

Fitch bicycle kicks oncoming piranhas.All those jazzercise classes finally came in handy.

So I’m pretty sure, post-Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus, some people sat in a room and had a discussion similar to this:

“All right, guys, Mega Shark was a smash but we need a new picture. What is worse than a Mega Shark?”
“Ultra Shark?”
“I like where your head is at but let’s think a little outside the box.”
“Omega Shark? Last shark alive?”
“How is that dangerous?”
“Get Charlton Heston to play the shark?”
“What about TWO Mega Sharks?”
” — Go on.”
“That’s all I have.”
“Very good. Let’s expand on this ‘two Mega Sharks’ idea.”
“No. 6.”
“No! 12.”
“Baker’s dozen!”
“What if there’s was a whole school of them getting bigger and meaner, like, like, that fish in the Amazon with the teeth and the eating?”
“Right right right. And make them eat submarines and destroyers and buildings!”
“Yeah. And people.”
“Don’t forget to include my flimsy geopolitical storyline!”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever. And they eat a helicopter!”
“Yes. I like it. I think we have a winner here. Get Tiffany on the phone.”

Enlightening. Noel and I live-tweeted the premiere of Mega Piranha and you can read all our time-stamped wit and snark after the jump!.

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