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Wednesday, 22 of September of 2021


The California coast is terrorized by two enormous prehistoric sea creatures as they battle each other for supremacy of the sea.

And that’s pretty much who we are. Except there’s four of us: two in Los Angeles and two in Atlanta.

Collectively, we write about television from a fan-critic perspective: We love what we’re writing about, but we are perfectly happy to critique it, too. We’re not unnecessarily nitpicky (well, maybe, Noel), but we are informed by our academic training. All of us have degrees, of various types, in media studies (particularly in film and television), and that influences our writing, and as such, we aim to make our posts insightful, accessible, and entertaining without getting bogged down in overly academic terms and ideas.

You can e-mail us at MonstersofTV @ We’re happy to read your ideas, opinions, or anything else. (Just let us know if we should get a drink first, okay?)

Our posts occasionally appear on the Christian Science Monitor‘s Culture Cafe.

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