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Saturday, 27 of February of 2021

The Vampire Diaries — Dangerous Liaisons

Holy crap! That's a lot of Damon. I'm blushing.

I didn’t get to watch this week’s episode until Saturday, which means my usual writing schedule was delayed and now I’m afraid I won’t have time to do a full review cap. So in lieu of my usual routine, here are a few thoughts about “Dangerous Liaisons.”

This episode features many a longing look at someone wearing fancy clothes. There was the intent for action (kill Matt), then there was the removal of that intention (aw, he’s so sweet and he gave me his coat and I’m a stupid Original teenager).

There was also a scene that tried to destroy Awesome Vampire Caroline’s awesomeness (She loves horses? What is she, 12?). Luckily, AVC is so awesome, she rises above even the most ridiculous and cliched plotting. To wit, she wears the dress cause she likes it, she rejects Klaus repeatedly, and she uses Klaus’ interest in her to demand he free Tyler.

Now, this whole, “Klaus fancies Caroline” thing has done nothing to make me like Klaus more.  A moony, dreamy Klaus is just as boring as the ineffective Klaus we’ve long known and wished would go away.  Just stop it, writers.  If Klaus is so evil, let’s see him be evil.  Have him manipulate Caroline into sleeping with him in exchange for Tyler’s freedom–now that would be evil.  Or have him stalk her more openly–let her use her wits and strength to defeat him.  Just make the guy evil–making him an artist does nothing to improve his rep.


Elijah is being tricked by  Elena. See, Klaus?  That is how you do evil.  Be super nice, pretend an allegiance, and then stab the guy you trust in the back.  Elena has done that to at least two Originals now, and I have to admire it.  She is a survivor.

Among the parts of the episode that left me most intrigued was the distinction between how Stefan loves Elena and how Damon does.  While Stefan leaves her to make her own choices (and this is consistent with the rest of the seasons–Stefan is the anti-Edward Cullen), Damon just can’t leave her alone.  He takes defending Elena so seriously that it becomes an obsession–and it makes him sort of a crappy boyfriend.

By the end of the episode, I was actually beginning to root for Stefan and Elena.  And I should tell you, I have a long history of ‘shipping the underdog (perhaps best defined by Pacey, though there are many others).  Damon is totally in my Logan Echolls wheelhouse–he’s sort of a prick but underneath, his loyalty is profound and unending.  And I love Damon–he bring this show humor and electricity.  Somerhalder’s smoldering eyes, his fascinating phrasing, and his unstoppable presence have long been a feature attraction of the show.  Yet somehow, Stefan is holding his own.  Each week it becomes increasingly clear that Stefan is indeed torn–he may have turned off his feelings, but they are banging on his front door with insistence.  Watching Elena break his heart repeatedly is making me feel for the guy, and I’m sort of confused by it all.

The reveal about the mother was satisfying, even if it means my baby Elijah is in danger.  I suspect Elena’s role here will be more dangerous than suggested by the tiny finger prick, but the plan is clever, and I love that another Original seems to have some integrity.  But Rebekah can’t die fast enough.  Kill, pussy cat, kill.

A few great moments:

R: ” Get over yourself, Elena, its not all about you.” (Okay, Rebekah had one good line.)

K: “Settling for mortals is the first sign of weakness.” (True ‘dat)

AVC: “I happen to be Miss Mystic Falls.”

E: “When we were together, you used to let me make my own decision.  You trusted me.  After all this, at least that hasn’t changed.”

S: ” Your emotions are getting in the way of our plan.”    D: “My emotions?  How is this even happening?”

E to E: I wish the others were more like you. (Me, too, lady)

S: “If I let myself care, all I feel is pain.” (sort of lame, but Wesley is selling it)

D: ” Burn, rejected by the captain of the football team.  Welcome to adolescence.”

Oh, and that ending tryst?  Super hot.  So hot, I may go watch it again right now.

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