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Sunday, 7 of March of 2021

Gossip Girl – “Gaslit”

“What do you say we find that bitch and get us a little frontier justice?”

I don’t think I’m the right person to review this episode. I hate Serena. Hate her. And so an episode where ALL OF THE MAIN CHARACTERS are concerned for her well being does not really work for me. I do love the show though, and this was not a bad episode, so I’ll give it a go. Brace for Serena hatred, which you should come to expect by now.

I was giving thanks for everyone hating Serena at the beginning of this episode, but alas, it didn’t last. Leave it to Serena to ruin everyone’s plans and make Thanksgiving all about her. Sure, she was tricked and drugged and kidnapped by Juliet and company, but still.

So Serena chose Dan. She went to the party to be with him. And even though Dan has cried over how unfair she is and how she almost ruined his (supposed) great friendship with Nate, as soon as she says it, he goes gaga again. Now he’s gonna break her out of the hospital with family friends and the papa—paparazzi all over the place? Idiot. IDIOT.

Jenny wants to come clean about what they did to Serena since she’s in the hospital and all. Juliet points out that Jenny will eventually be forgiven. She’s family. Juliet and Vanessa aren’t so lucky and Vanessa will lose everything and everyone if she tells so Vanessa gets to Rufus first and blames the whole thing on Jenny.

Dan is not a good person. To Serena (and possibly to some audience members) he comes off as a savior, but he is nothing more than a stupid, lovesick teenager acting irrationally to get back into a girl’s pants. His sister’s pants, let us not forget that. Lily says he has a big heart, and he does, but that’s not what is leading his decision making in this whole Serena fiasco.

Dan does bring up a good point though about Lily’s parenting and that’s that it’s awful. She had Serena committed because she didn’t want to deal with it. Hell, it wasn’t even entirely her decision to do so. Blair, Dan and Eric were all chiming in on the conversation as well. It made Lily seem just as childlike as the younger cast members. And in a lot of ways she is.

All of a sudden Ben has a conscience when Juliet reveals to him how her plan went. This whole thing was his idea and now that it worked he feels bad. I hate this trend of people doing shit to Serena and then feeling bad when it works. Someone be evil. I guess it works to make Juliet the ultimate evil with her standing her ground while everyone else sinks into a bog of remorse. I’m still with you, Juliet. Especially after your brilliant extortion and line delivery in that final scene with Lily.

Jenny comes clean about everything to Blair. Blair offers her the chance to become a double agent, help take down Juliet, but Jenny turns her down. She doesn’t like what the city has done to her. Heard that one before, Little J. She does however inform Vanessa that she came clean, wishing her luck in lying her way out of this way. Sorry Vanessa, there’s no other way to say it: You’re fucked. So Vanessa runs. She calls her mom to get her from the train station.

Once again I find myself bored by Nate. I really don’t care about his family situation, haven’t since it was so overused in previous seasons, but they had to give him something to do while everyone else was involved in Serena’s latest scandal.

Blair comes to Dan in the end to help get revenge on Juliet. Interesting that she goes to him since A) she hates him and B) he sucks at this kind of stuff. But Dan loves Serena and that motivation should be enough.

So where does the show go from here? Juliet, Vanessa and Jenny have all skipped town. Are we done with them? Vanessa and Jenny: no, cause they’re series regulars. Juliet: dunno. Does the second half of the season focus on rebuilding? Serena trying to rebuild her life and her image. Dan trying to rebuild his relationship with Serena. Chuck and Blair rebuilding whatever the hell they’re going to be. Sounds very progressive, very character driven. Something is sure to go horribly wrong.

Final Thoughts:

  • The top 40 bandit strikes again! I’m not afraid (I’m not afraid) to take a stand (take a stand) against all the Eminem used in this show this season. The new album is not good and it does NOT fit this show. So cut it out.
  • The only thing I got out of that Lily and Rufus moment at the end of the episode is “Young blond girls are bitches.”
  • “I love a good game as much as the next girl.”? Are you trying to turn me into a misogynist, Gossip Girl?

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