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Thursday, 25 of February of 2021

Warehouse 13 – “Buried”

“She’s a tech nerd, she’s one hundred and fifty and you’re…Myka. Not exactly relationship success stories.”

This penultimate (not including the standalone Christmas) episode had quite a bit of foreshadowing. And some less subtle hints at things to come in the finale and beyond. It also featured some universe building, character development and witty dialogue. Anyone who thinks Syfy can’t become a top notch original programming channel without the aid of Battlestar Galactica is sadly mistaken.

Was anyone else’s heart racing when Claudia was named caretaker of Warehouse 13? If not you may wanna check your pulse.

Claudia’s importance has been growing and growing since she first entered the show. From annoying bystander to tech specialist to junior agent to possible Mrs. Frederic successor, the writers love Claudia just as much as the fans do. With Mrs. F staring death in the face with those steely, unforgiving eyes (really, CCH Pounder plays creepy so well) it seemed Claudia was gonna have to step up and take over operations.

A last second save by Pete, Myka and HG prevented this from happening, but it’s the possibility itself that was most interesting. Sure it was mentioned out of desperation at the time but Mrs. Frederic has faith that Claudia will be ready to fulfill that duty in the future. That’s quite the promotion. With that as a likely future for her, look for Claudia to have a lot more responsibility (and hopefully some more field work) in the future.

The “artifact” of the episode turned out to be a whole Warehouse. Warehouse 2 had been uncovered in Egypt by a group of college kids and Pete, Myka, HG and Valda had to go shut it down. To do so they had to solve a series of puzzles and evade crazy traps using Mind, Body and Soul. So mysterious.

What was fun about these puzzles was that the agent you would assume to be the one to solve each puzzle was not the one to do so. Pete solved the Mind puzzle. What? I know. Granted he did it by tapping into a childhood memory about pancakes but still, Pete solved the Mind puzzle. HG, the scientist/genius of the bunch, solved the Body puzzle. And she used her grappling gun to do it. I knew that thing would come into play again!

Unfortunately, Valda didn’t make it through the second trap. A hieroglyphic warning said that one of them would have to die., and so he plunged himself into a pit of fire so that the others could make it. Quite an exit for Mark Sheppard, he’s been a great guest star on the show. He’s fantastic in everything I’ve seen him in. (See: Leverage, Firefly and others.) Knowing this show he isn’t actually dead. But if he is, I wonder who the new head of the Regents will be.

The final puzzle/trap was Soul. Upon entering an empty room save for a Medusa head statue on one wall, the remaining three agents began to hallucinate that they were in their most happy of places. HG was once again with her daughter, Pete was with Kelly, and Myka was with Artie in the Warehouse.

The fact that Myka wasn’t with a loved one like Pete and HG were really speaks to how important the Warehouse has become to her. That is her happy place. Working there is what brings her joy and comfort in the world. Makes sense for such a dedicated and intelligent person. Good thing she is so smart too because she was the one who figured out it was all an illusion and snapped her teammates out of their stupors before the floor collapsed underneath them.

Pete solves the final puzzle (once again tapping into his childhood) and Warehouse 2 shuts down. That’s Pete: 2 and Myka:1, a fact he would not let go of. Everything seems hunky dory until HG zaps Pete and Myka unconscious. Dammit, HG, you’re still evil!? I was just strating to trust you and really enjoyed your interactions with Myka and Claudia. You just had to go and ruin it. But I guess the finale will need a Big Bad and you being it brings the season full circle.

Speaking of bad, it seems Artie has been up to some shady shit as well. Claudia and Mr. Fredric uncover that the college boys who found Warehouse 2 (and were turned to mummies as a result) had been told about it and funded by someone from the Warehouse. Artie had been mysteriously absent for the majority of the episode. Is he connected? What’s his deal? Is he in cahoots with HG? Did I really just find a good place to use the word cahoots? I can sa that I know the answer to only one of these questions.

Next week’s finale is going to be the greatest thing since…well…last year’s season finale.

Final Thoughts:

  • HG dressed up like Lara Croft for the Warehouse 2 adventure made me giggle.
  • Pete, Artie and Claudia have all had serious relationships/love interests this season. Can someone throw Myka a bone here?
  • No Twizzlers product placement in this episode. Thank you.
  • Remember Leena? Yeah, me neither.

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