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Sunday, 7 of March of 2021

Gossip Girl – “Double Identity”

“There is no more Chuck Bass.”

Good thing this isn’t entirely true or I would have to throw myself off the Eiffel Tower.

Chuck pulled a Serena and attempted to reinvent himself by running away from his issues. Ok, so he got shot, was rescued by a beautiful girl and attempted to start a new life with her under a fake identity. Not exactly the same as just running away but it’s close enough. After losing the only thing (person actually) he ever really loved, he turned his back on everything and everyone else. But it’s a small world after all and even after fleeing to Paris he was forced to face his problems.


Chuck really was ready to give it all up and live the not so suite life with his rescuer, Fleur Eva. They shared a small apartment and he worked in a bar. Quite the downgrade from living in a hotel penthouse and running a huge company. Not even a plea from Serena could open his eyes to what he was doing to himself and those who care about him.

But a plea from Blair is a different story.

This episode seemed like it was leading up to a Chuck and Blair reunion that 90% of the Gossip Girl fanbase wanted. She convinced him to return home to New York but no, they did not get back together. And I’m fine with that. We’ve watched their saga for 2 seasons now and while I love them as a couple it’s time to move on, both them and the audience. And it seems Chuck is doing just that as he’s bringing Eva back to the states with him. Good cause she is way too cute for just 2 episodes. And she’s a witch so I hope they bring that into the arc somehow.

Blair ended things with Louis. She said she was dating him as a way of running away herself. I’m glad because this storyline bored the hell out of me. It didn’t feel like anything which made Blair’s admission that it wasn’t all the more believable. Her scene with Chuck was nice but Blair bored me this episode. Let’s bring the bitch back next week.

Speaking of bitches, Juliet continued her confusing web of lies. Through trickery and feminine wiles she got Dan and Vanessa back together and has laid the groundwork for a potential something with Nate. Her motives are still unclear and that continues to make her all the more intriguing. The popular theory seems to be that she works for Gossip Girl herself. Maybe. After the phonecall she makes at the end of the episode I think she works for an old enemy. Carter Baizen anyone?

The best part about all of Juliet’s craftiness is that upon Serena’s return, both of her potential beaus are spoken for. Serena’s look when she realized she had no one was priceless. Her pain and misfortune please me.

That’s it, Upper Eastsiders. Not much more to say. The episode was just decent (hard to follow such an amazing premiere) and seemed to only exist to wrap up last week and point us towards the next part of the season. Its own content was just meh. Chuck’s headed home and Serena’s all alone. Let’s see where we go after putting Paris in the rear view.

Final Thoughts:

  • Rufus is starting to put the pieces of the Milo puzzle together. He seems to be sharp on the details. Dude must watch a lot of Bones.
  • Vanessa is oddly, overly accepting of Milo. Guess she just loves Dan that much.
  • Jenny’s room at the loft was turned into a nursery for Milo. The subtle hints of “We hate you, Taylor Momsen” just keep on coming.

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