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Tuesday, 2 of March of 2021

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Podcast 001, pt 5: “Matt Looks to Be Fired (and Talks Comedies)”

“That’s really funny, Cougartown, but you’re Cougartown and I’m not going to watch you.”

As the ABC comedy block is about to start for Wednesday night on the East Coast, listen in as Matt and Nick discuss if Modern Family lives up to the hype and what the best comedy on television is for the season thus far. Matt walks a fine line as he proposes one of the most reviled shows on Monsters to be a contender.

The Big Bang Theory – The Irish Pub Formulation

“I just wanna put it out there in case I inadvertently squirt pheromones in your direction.”

One of the reasons anti-The Big Bang Theory idiots people do not like the show is because it perpetuates negative stereotypes of nerds/geeks/etc. That’s a debate best held for anther day. There is another movement that this episode buys into that is becoming increasingly prevalent in the media: the emasculation of the male protagonist.

“The Irish Pub Formulation” featured an interesting role reversal that contributed to the pathetic downfall of Leonard this season. Being the only one in that group with a girlfriend is a very sad position to be in and with Bernadette’s failed attempt to set him up with one of her friends in last week’s episode “The Desperation Emanation” things were looking rather bleak.

Enter Raj’s sister, Priya.

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The Big Bang Theory – The Hot Troll Deviation

“You’re wrong again. If my superpower were arrogance my name would be Dr. Arroganto.”

The Big Bang Theory made great strides this week in overcoming some of the issues people take with the show. It featured serialized story, developed a character and remembered there are other characters on the show than just Penny and Sheldon. However, some gags that can only be described as “overly sitcomy” hampered the progress the show was trying to make.

The episode was funny, very much so, but after looking at the whole episode it feels as though it’s right back where it started. You do the math, see where we end up.

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The Big Bang Theory – “The Robotic Manipulation”

“No saws! One circumcision was enough.”

Amy Fowler is not Sheldon’s girlfriend. Now that we have that out of the way.

The move to Thursday had many (myself included) worried for the continued success of The Big Bang Theory. Tonight’s premiere was phenomenal and if it can keep up the quality it has a fighting chance to reign supreme over the already doomed My Generation, the self proclaimed comedy underdog Community, the “Will they, won’t they? Just kill me now” Bones and Twi-lite Vampire Diaries.

The Sheldon/Amy (Shamy. Genius.) relationship is sure to be a major arc for season 4 and for good reason. Not only does a female version of Sheldon add a whole new level of humor to the show but it’s a great catalyst for some serious character development. And not just for Sheldon.

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Top 10 Snarkiest TV Characters

Here at Monsters of Television we value one trait above all else: snark. Sure, we have to be able to write intelligently and put TV shows in academic and societal contexts, but why do it if you’re not going to be witty about it? So in tribute to both television and snark, I have compiled a list of 10 of the snarkiest, wittiest characters on television. I’m including pictures and videos for all of you out there who don’t read so good. See? Snark. Here we go. Read more »