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Friday, 23 of April of 2021

Tag » Perfect Couples

Perfect Couples – “Pilot”

I hear you, cherished partner.

So I recapped the preview of Perfect Couples that aired back in December and found a great deal to dislike in the episode. I was going to skip viewing the pilot, but Matt begged me to check it out just for his own amusement. Adding to this review happening is that the folks who got screener copies of this episode and the second episode said that these episodes were somewhat better than the preview episode.

They’re not wrong, but Perfect Couples remains an obnoxious show that I have no desire to ever revisit again. (Sorry, Matt.) Read more »

Podcast 008: Hope Dies Last with TV Fans

Perfect Couples – “Perfect Tens”

Was it good? Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm.”

According to IMDb, this is actually the ninth episode of Perfect Couples. Is the pilot that horrible that NBC needed to show the ninth episode instead? That cannot bode well. And, in fact, it did not bode well.

Perfect Couples is perfectly horrible in every horrible way. I mean it. If the ninth episode is this bad, I do not even want to think about how bad the pilot must be. Consider yourselves warned.

I mean, do you need to be warned? It’s not like you were going to watch it anyway. I mean, American Idol is on at the same time. And you know I think something is bad when I would rather watch American Idol. Read more »