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Saturday, 25 of May of 2019

Tag » Downton Abbey

I was sick, so I watched a lot of TV

Sick lolcat

This was me. I was just as adorable, too.

I was sick this past weekend. I had a sore throat that made it difficult to swallow even saliva, let alone food. I was, paradoxically, suffering from both a stuffy and a runny nose, I had chest and head congestion, I had a fever, and by Saturday night, was pretty much unable to maintain a lucid conversation with someone over the phone. I had somewhat improved by Sunday, thanks to different over the counter medications, though the fever remained.

As is the case with some people when they’re sick, I turned to television to be my nursemaid, particularly on Saturday during the worst of it, to keep me company, to tell me that I was, very likely, not going to die as a result of teh_sick. Typically my habit is to watch stuff I have on DVD, with my normal standbys being Sports Night and Batman: The Animated Series. Both shows are comfort foods of mine, and I know the episodes by heart so that if I zone out or fall asleep, I haven’t “missed” anything.

But thanks to advances in technology since the last time I was this sick (which has easily been at least 5 years), I didn’t have to drag my sick and feeble body off the couch or out of bed to change the discs of whatever I was watching. I could just hit ‘Next episode’ on Netflix and remain curled up in blankets, cats, used tissues, and mugs of tea.  It. Was. Wonderful.

So here are thoughts about what I watched over the weekend. I watched, by the way, entirely too much stuff. Really. It’s kind of pathetic. Read more »

Podcast 10: Matt’s Challenge Fail

“Glee doing Michael Jackson is worse than Michael Jackson being a child molester.”

Even with not a whole lot going on (and down one partner in crime), the gentlemen discuss the week that was. I wish there was more I could say here but you really just have to listen to the podcast. I will say, though, that if you’re not caught up on How I Met Your Mother or Lost, you should probably get up to speed before listening or you might get — well, lost. Some items to help you with HIMYM references: The Gentleman, Slap Bet, A Gentlemen’s Agreement, Challenge Accepted. If you haven’t watched Lost — well, what are you doing here in the first place?

Topic: Place in the podcast

Running time: 64 minutes

  • How I Met Your Mother (episode 0614): 0:01:22
  • House: 0:07:38
  • Chuck: 0:15:41
  • Fairly Legal: 0:25:28
  • CW Scheduling: 0:37:08
  • The Office: 0:39:58
  • 30 Rock: 0:45:32
  • Parks & Recreation: 0:49:08
  • The Rest of NBC Thursday: 0:50:11
  • Downton Abbey: 0:52:31
  • Showtime Programming: 0:52:38
  • Cable news coverage of Egyptian unrest: 0:54:34

Podcast 008: Hope Dies Last with TV Fans

“We’re going to make our name by talking about television in relation to our BMs.”

We’re totally all over the map here. As we stand on the precipice of the mid-season, the Monsters discuss everything from our expected disappointment in The Cape (though, if it’s expected, can it really be disappointment?), shippers and underdogs, how to end a series with a bang, how tonight’s episode of How I Met Your Mother will reflect on the last one, and, at some point, bowel movements. Apparently, we’ve been listening to a little too much Smodcast.

You really want to listen to this one all the way through. It’s kind of amazing.

Running Time: 65 minutes

Topics: Place in the Podcast

  • The Cape: 0:00:56
  • Off the Map: 0:13:52
  • Boardwalk Empire: 0:23:11
  • Perfect Couples: 0:24:48
  • Atlanta and The Varsity: 0:26:48
  • TV’s Midseason Return: 0:24:48
  • Life Unexpected: 0:30:28
  • Skins: 0:33:39
  • Party Down: 0:34:40
  • Downton Abbey: 0:35:46
  • Friday Night Lights: 0:38:41
  • How I Met Your Mother: 0:40:43
  • Fringe: 0:52:19
  • How to End a Series: 0:53:33
  • Felicity: 0:58:55
  • ‘Shippers and the Underdog: 1:00:18
  • The Office: 1:02:21