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Friday, 23 of April of 2021

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Mid-season Checkup: Nikita – “All The Way”

We were the only real family you had, Nikita, and you betrayed us.”

Nikita captured

Percy. Did you really think that this would hold Nikita? Really?

Karen and I have been watching Nikita all season, though neither of us on a super-regular basis. I know I had to marathon the series twice, missing  three or four episodes at a time, never exactly sure when it was on (and when I would try to watch it live, it would be a rerun!).

The most recent episode is perhaps the best way to check on the series, and make the case for tuning in, or going back if you stopped after a few episodes, like I nearly did. While “All the Way” provides for nice plot and character advancement and the episode also nicely raises the stakes of the series, eliminating some aspects of the show that would’ve eventually gotten worn out. Read more »

Nikita – “Pilot”

Karen and Noel throw down over Shane West--do you buy him?

As part of the new fall season coverage, we’re doing what we call audition reviews for new shows. An audition review doesn’t necessarily mean the show will enter the normal rotation, but it will provide an initial reaction to a new series. Especially in light of time shifting practices, we think this is a valuable way to read brief reviews on new series to help you decide if you want to watch the show. For those who watch it live, it’s a good way to begin a conversation about a new series. These reviews will typically be shorter than our regular reviews, and may include thoughts from more than one of our writers.

Nikita is out to bring down the shadowy government agency called Division, which stole 6 years of her life and (probably) killed the love of her life. In the now standard fit of assassin/spy seeking to destroy the ones who trained them, Division is having an awfully hard time getting to Nikita. Too bad she’s not having the same problems getting to them.
Read more »