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Tuesday, 2 of March of 2021

DVD First Watch: Twin Peaks – “The Black Widow”

“Bobby, you know what you have to have in this world? Balance. Distance. Symmetry.”

Twin Peaks title cardRemember when we had this review thing going?

It’s been four months, give or take, since my last Twin Peaks post and I’d like to apologize for the delay. A new job, moving states, the death of my computer (R.I.P.), and various other issues conspired to keep me away, but the reviews are back!

Previously on Twin Peaks: Daddy Briggs was missing, Dennis/Denise showed up as part of the investigation into Cooper’s suspected drug trafficking, James was taken in by Trophy Wife, and there was a wedding.

I’ve talked about it before but the point still stands: the more I watch of Twin Peaks, the more convinced I am that the core story the show is trying to tell is that looks can be deceiving. The dual natures of the characters – and even of the town itself, this idyllic place hiding so many different flavors of turmoil – is consistently featured. People are much more complicated than we often realize, their personalities and choices and motives controlled by forces both seen and unseen. These two points – dual natures and the unknown side of people – is a running thread through the show.

Take the Trophy Wife, for example. From the outside, her life looks perfect. Inside, she deals with an abusive, unhappy marriage including a disgruntled chauffeur brother. James – sweet, thoughtful young man that he is – continues to make horrible choices concerning women by making out with Trophy Wife in her husband’s prized car. My prediction? Rich Husband is killed (probably by Disgruntled Brother) and James somehow gets blamed.

Then we have the suspected Black Widow. The pretty, young bride of the last episode is now the pretty, young widow when her elderly husband dies mid-coitus on their wedding night. The men of the town are infatuated with the possibly deadly, innocent-acting looker.

Then there’s innocent little foster child, Nicky, who pretty much everyone now agrees with me is actually the son of the devil. Or, as Dick believes, the devil himself. A “series of misfortunes” seems to have followed little Nicky through life. The kind of misfortunes that left a trail of dead parents behind the devil child. After being informed of Nicky’s fragile state by his case worker (a nigh unrecognizable Molly Shannon), even dense Dick has cottoned on to the seed of evil he’s decided to foster. In fact – before the two are distracted by a grieving Black Widow – he shares his fears with Andy, of all people. That’s how you know it’s serious.

Meanwhile, the big story of the episode is the Briggs family. Coop and Harry confer with the military on the general’s disappearance and learn that the mysterious signals from space he shared with them were not from space at all – but from the woods near Twin Peaks. Their military contact specifically asks about owls in the woods on the night of Briggs’ disappearance and makes note to mention that Briggs is the best damn pilot he’s ever seen. Also, the White Lodge is apparently “classified” and the major’s disappearance is bigger than the Cold War in terms of national security.

Bobby, after a long day of spying on drug dealers and hitting on Audrey, comes home to find his mother sitting in the dark, a storm raging outside. Just as Bobby admits that his dad has more going on upstairs than most people realize, Daddy Briggs himself appears. In period pilot’s gear. In their living room. And asks for a strong cocktail. HE’S A TIME TRAVELER, YOU GUYS.



  • Cooper’s interest in local real estate leads to clues that could help exonerate him. The big question: IS COOPER MOVING TO TWIN PEAKS PERMANENTLY?
  • Audrey steals the photos Bobby took for Ben and gives them to Cooper, quite possibly giving him the evidence necessary to save his neck.
  • “They have women agents?” “More or less.” AUDREY WANTS TO BE AN AGENT NOW. I APPROVE.
  • I hope Pete is actually secretly planning to take down Catherine. C’mon, Pete! Be that awesome!
  • Josie should poison Catherine’s food. Easy to do when you’re the waitstaff.
  • WINDOM EARLE IS THE CHESS GUY? SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. Was this mentioned at some point? Did I just miss it? Or was this meant to be a WHAT moment?
  • The Briggs have a lamp with the base in the shape of an owl. AN OWL.

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