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Saturday, 17 of April of 2021

DVD First Watch: Twin Peaks – “Demons”

Twin Peaks title card“But you’re just like the others. You lie and you betray and then you laugh about it!”

I wasn’t so enamored with the last episode – because, let’s be honest, it was bo-ring – but I kind of love this episode. Pieces falling into place, some delicious character moments – and a squee-worthy character arrival – what’s not to love?

“Demons” very much deals with everyone’s secrets, with the things they hide inside themselves and hope no one else ever discovers. Harold Smith’s line, quoted above, is the perfect opener as events lead to certain people’s secrets blossoming, others being threatened, and even more coming to a head.

Donna’s been keeping secrets – when she isn’t busy dragging others into them – and her bout of stubborn bitterness comes to a head at the beginning of the episode when James has to save her and Maddy from Harold Smith’s house. This rescue reunites the young lovers, much to my disgust, and to Maddy’s awkward exclusion. I wished fervently that Maddy, feeling spurned and pushed aside, would go crazy and plot vicious revenge. Alas, such pipe dreams are not to be as Maddy reveals that she is going home. You know, after she reveals that she liked “being” Laura for everyone (particularly James). Ah, too bad.

Shelly and Bobby’s plans have come to fruition as they bring Leo home and prepare to collect big, fat checks for his care. Unfortunately, the payments are a lot smaller than they’d expected. They don’t let it get them down, though, throwing Leo a welcome home party and making out on the kitchen table in front of him. I can’t explain why, given the characters’ histories and whatnot, but I found the party scene to be kind of sweet. Of course, I’m also wondering whether I would be pissed if Leo wakes up, or if I actually want him to, just to see what he does to “Cousin” Bobby. More to come.

Josie, Josie, Josie. How did you get where you are, sweetheart? You hurt Harry (HARRRYYY, AAAAAHHHH), but I like you for trumping Ben, that sleazy bastard. Josie’s secret is dragging her away from Twin Peaks but I think she’ll be back. There’s unresolved angst there just waiting to be tapped, and the dramatic strings are ready to go. Besides which, Harry loves her, so he deserves to find out the truth about her and have his moment (HARRRYYYYY).

Ben and Audrey’s secrets are overlapping. Ben’s a dirty, selfish bastard and Audrey knows all about it. And Ben knows that she knows. I am super interested to see where (if anywhere) this goes, given how much Audrey knows and how involved Cooper is in it all now. We could have confrontations and fisticuffs, you guys!

Cooper’s secret is the big one, though, as it informs all of his choices in this episode – and those of one other important character.

Coop very quickly – with Harry’s help – determines that Jean Renault was after him and used Audrey as bait. I was all ready for some AWW, SHIT IS ABOUT TO GET REAL, Y’ALL stuff, but Cooper just kind of deflates a little at the realization. “I have violated my professional code, and now Audrey is paying the price,” he says, conveniently forgetting that the only reason Renault even had Audrey was because Audrey hauled herself up to her daddy’s brothel in the first place. But I digress.

Cooper mentions to Harry that this isn’t the first time other people have been hurt when he did what he had to do. We aren’t given anymore on the topic from Coop, but that’s okay, because someone else turns up to – in the typical Twin Peaks vague and referential way – fill in the gaps.


I seriously clapped like a seal when Gordon introduced himself. HOW EXCITING. I love that Gordon has hearing problems (there’s a story there, and I hope we get it eventually). The show uses this to great comedic effect as Gordon mishears things and has very loud “private” conversations.

Apparently, he’s come to check up on Cooper post-shooting and to deliver results from Albert’s tests. And here’s where it gets interesting, because Gordon also reveals that he’s concerned about how deep Cooper is getting into the Twin Peaks case. And he name checks Pittsburgh. And Cooper gets defensive. And then Gordon pulls out the big guns: a letter received for Cooper at headquarters, containing a single sheet of paper containing a single chess move. Gordon is very serious, Cooper looks grim, and Harry is confused. All I know is that things are suddenly very serious for Cooper. And Gordon knows, too.

“Bless your heart, Coop, we’re going to have to watch your back from now on.”

Does that mean you’re staying, Gordon? Because I love you.

The real humdinger of “Demons” comes at the very end, when Hawk manages to find and bring in the One-Armed Man for questioning. Based on Mr. Gerard’s actions and Albert’s toxicology report from the needle they found, Cooper extrapolates that Gerard possibly has schizophrenia. He withholds Gerard’s customized “medicine” in order to see who the other personality is.

He’s a parasite, a spirit taking residence in Gerard. And he knows Bob. “He is Bob, eager for fun. He wear a smile, everybody run.” Bob is a bad dude, is what he’s sayin’.

And he knows where Bob is.

The hotel!


Oh lord, y’all.


(One other thing that made me incredibly happy. Harry’s: “But, Coop – sometimes you think too much.” Because, y’all, this just supports everything I’ve already said. Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. Nicholas Angel and Danny Butterman. DALE COOPER AND HARRY S. TRUMAN. I rest my case.)




  • With the bloody face and the howling in anguish, Harold could totally pass for a werewolf. There’s work in that these days.
  • I love how Cooper reacts when Ben Horne hugs him. I LOVE YOU, COOP.
  • Audrey and Cooper. It’s kind of adorable, you guys.
  • Pete and Mr. Tojamura: BEST. THING. EVER.
  • Thanks to Leland Karaoke, I have a craving to watch The King & I. I do love me some Yul Brynner.
  • Why did Josie and her menacing sidekick talk together in English? C’mon Twin Peaks. You’re better than that.
  • “Cooper, you remind me today of a small Mexican chihwowhwow.” GORDON, I LOVE YOU.
  • You know, for however ridiculously florid the language gets, this show does a pretty good job of describing and explaining love, in all its forms. Even if it does so in terms that would make greeting card writers gag.
  • Albert isn’t coming back? Ever? SADFACE.
  • “Through the darkness of future past, the magician longs to see. One chance out between the worlds. Fire walk with me.” HOOLLLYYYY CRRRAAAPPPP.

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