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Friday, 16 of April of 2021

America’s Best Dance Crew – Week 6: Justin Bieber Challenge


I have been bumpin’ Bieber tracks all week in preparation. Not that I don’t normally do that anyway. Interesting that the Bieber episode coincides with the release of his new DVD. Not as blatant as the product placement in Transformers, but come on, MTV. I can’t hate too much though, it’s Bieber. Whoever gets “Baby” is gonna have to bring it. That’s my jam. Hoping they do deep tracks too and pull out “One Time”. Ok, let’s just get to the review.

Now that there are only 5 crews left, it all comes down to one showdown. The top 3 teams are all safe. The bottom 2 must duke it out to move on. This week, Iconic Boyz was the first safe group. And they got “Baby”! Their challenge was to incorporate basketball moves into their routine cause Bieber plays basketball in the movie. That seems like they’re grasping at straws to promote connect stuff to the movie. “Hey guys, it’s Justin Bieber. I breathe a whole lot in my movie so I want ya’ll to incorporate some breathing into your dances this week.”

The dance was what you’d expect from them at this point. It was cute, it was fun, it was entertaining. It even reminded me a little of this dance from High School Musical. This episode is just full of some of my favorite things. The routine wasn’t great as far as the dancing was concerned, but they’ve already been getting by with their cute factor so why stop now? JC said it was very easy and the crowd didn’t seem to agree. I’m beginning to think we’re going to get an Iconic Boyz vs. Street Kingdom finale. And then I’ll kill myself and take MTV with me.

IaMmE was safe again! At least this show keeps getting that right. They got a challenge that made more sense too. They had to incorporate the signature glide move of Usher, Bieber’s mentor. And they got “Somebody to Love”, yet another AmAzInG Bieber hit. And wow wow wow did they kill it. I know I sound like a fanboy in talking about this crew, but watching them it is just so clear that they are the best on the show. I loved the ending where they formed a giant heart with their arms and Brandon came up to the judge’s table with a rose. Lil Mama couldn’t even give them notes. She said they always attack their challenges and they should just keep being great.

Phunk Phenomenon was the third and final safe group of the night. This week they really brought it. It was very fun, high energy dance and when they broke it down into stepping I found myself smiling like an idiot. And their cardigans and bow ties were super smooth. All the judges loved them too. They won’t be in the bottom next week.

Instant Noodles was the first bottom crew to battle. I feel bad for these guys cause they’re very fun and they have great personality and yet they keep getting shit on. They’re not the best dancers, but they’re entertaining. The only real difference between them and Iconic Boyz is age. I want them to step it up and surprise me. And this week that’s exactly what they did. They had the best routine of the night. They incorporated their challenge (dancing with chairs) very well while still keeping their playful style and low to the ground dance moves. I flipped out at the end when they were tossing and turning chairs and it spelled out Bieber. I can only imagine how much work all that chair stuff must have taken to get down. Major points for being the most Bieber looking crew too with those purple hoodies. They did exactly what they needed to do this week.

Street Kingdom was in the bottom 2! I couldn’t even cheer because I was so shocked. They got “Never Say Never” and had to use martial arts moves in their dance. While I am a huge Street Kingdom hater, I am not an unreasonable young man. Their dance was great. It was fun, which is something I never thought I’d say about them. Never say Never though, right? Sorry, I had to. They used their challenge well too. Lil Mama said they’ve really grown and I would have to agree.

This was the hardest elimination decision so far this season. And Street Kingdom won. Am I pissed about it? Sure, but not nearly as much as I have been in recent weeks. They earned this win. I hope they enjoy it because next week is the Nicki Minaj episode and IaMmE is going to destroy them. And I’m gonna wish I could have that moment for life.

Final Thoughts:

  • They all got Never Say Never DVDs for free!? I would have taken my mom up on those tap lessons when I was a kid had I known it would have paid off in Bieber swag come 2011.
  • D-Trix considers himself a Bieber super fan huh? I’m already iffy on you, man. I will take you down.
  • Hearing JC say “ill” is hilarious to me. Hilarious. Shut up, JC.

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