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Saturday, 27 of February of 2021

I Love You, Bro – Top 10 Bromances of the Past 10 Years

Marriage, friendship, family, work, sexual. There are many kinds of relationships. But there’s only one kind that offers all of the benefits of the aforementioned relationships in one awesome package (well, except for sexual): the bromance. There is nothing like the bond between two heterosexual men. In the past 10 years we’ve seen some prime examples of bromance at work. Let us explore them together.

10. Kenan and Kel (Kenan and Kel: 1996-2000)

Awwww here it goes! These two began their chemistry on Nickelodeon sketch comedy show All That and it spawned their own show in 1996. The pair got into all sorts of shenanigans often orchestrated by the scheming Kenan and forced awry by clumsy Kel. They are the reasons kids in the 90s thought they could mess up and get away without any real consequences. I know I used it as an excuse. But I think my parents were just happy I was watching something with black people in it. The show has a number of nostalgia inducing bits of dialogue including “Who loves orange soda?”, “I. Put the screw. In the Tuna.”, and the quote used at the beginning of this paragraph. What spelled a bright career for the duo eventually culminated in short lived film success for Kel (and rumors of his death) and a gig on Saturday Night Live for Kenan. But it’s their own show where they shined. And Coolio did their addictive theme song. That equaled some serious street cred in the 90s. Right?

9. Casey McCall and Dan Rydell (Sports Night: 1998-2000)

There has never been a better duo to deliver Aaron Sorkin dialogue than these two gentlemen. While these two really cared for one another and were often springboards for ideas and problems, it was when they were odds with one another that the wit excelled. Their little quips right before filming were often some of the funniest moments on the show. Bros do love each other, but it’s not always perfect. Casey and Dan showed us this. They also showed us how great it is to go to work with your best friend and just talk sports.

8. John Cage and Richard Fish (Ally McBeal: 1997-2002)

No other duo could start a law firm such as Cage and Fish. Mainly because of the names. Bygones. These two eccentrics attract the oddest clients and even odder associates. I mean who would ever actually hire Ally McBeal? Looking at a man obsessed with women’s waddles and another who hears Barry White and mutters “Poughkeepsie” to control his stutter, you wouldn’t think they’d make very successful lawyers. But they’re some of Boston’s best. And for all their quirks and downfalls, they’re always there for one another. Richard is really the only person besides Ally who really gets John. And while he may think himself crazy for it at times, John often turns to Richard for advice, especially regarding woman. These bros will not stand to be disparaged.

7. Shawn and Gus (Psych: 2006-present)

Flashbacks show us the progression of this bromance from when Shawn and Gus were but wee lads. Today, the duo is just as silly but are now able to make a living while maintaining their level of play. No one else seems to get their 80’s references and certainly no one understands the plethora of dope nicknames Shawn gives Gus while on cases. One has to wonder sometimes how the neurotic Gus is able to put up with Shawn’s antics. They’re true bros, that’s how. Only the truest of bros could produce this, the most amazing promo of all time.

6. Sawyer, Jin and Michael (LOST: 2004-2010)

Not the LOST bromance you were expecting to see, is it? Sure, Charlie and Hurley are great, but think about what these three bros have been through. The building of the rat, the destruction of the raft, the kidnapping of a little bro, being held captive by “The Others”, Michael’s betrayal, trying to difuse a bomb, Michael’s redemption, time travel, the DHARMA initiative. These bros have been through it. All of it. Remember how happy Sawyer was to see Jin during the time traveling. Remember how Jin wouldn’t leave Michael alone with the bomb? Remember how Sawyer shot Tom because he took Walt? One of my favorite LOST scenes of all time. That is serious bromance.

5. Arnold and Gerald (Hey Arnold!: 1996-2004)

Nickelodeon had some solid bromances but none were better than this quintessential bi-racial animated bromance. Growing up is hard to do. Having a true bro to lean on can help you through the turbulent times of adolescence. Whether it was dealing with crushes on 6th graders or navigating Downtown (as fruits) these two always had each other’s back. I mean these guys saved a whole neighborhood together (in their movie). A whole neighborhood. And they’re like nine years old. Only by the power of their bro bond. And they had that sick handshake that everyone used as well. It’s assured that even in Hey Arnold! The College Years these two would be learning a whole new slew of lessons together and would still be just as tight. And yes, Nickelodeon, I am available to write that pilot.

4. Troy and Abed (Community: 2009-present)

They say you meet your best friends in college, the ones who you will keep for the rest of your life. These two certainly seem to have done so. They may have come from very different walks of life but true bros will always find one another. This pair fit together so naturally that it’s even hard to point out the exact moment they became bros. From making student films to building the most epic of forts, these two have set very high standards for other bros to follow. Do you and your bro have your own morning talk show? I doubt it. And they’re both young, they have much broing out left in them. It’s hard to find someone you can connect with so flawlessly and on every conceivable level. Kudos to you, Troy and Abed.

3. Chandler and Joey (Friends: 1994-2004)

Could there be a better pair of bros? Began as roommates, ended as best bros for life. Chandler and Joey shared many a good and bad time. Only a real bro could forgive another bro for falling in love with their girlfriend. Only true bros would dare raise fowl together. Sure, I’ve borrowed a shirt or two from a bro, but Joey has worn Chandler’s entire wardrobe. These two are the reason bros aren’t afraid to say “I love you” to another man. And bro’s forever thank you for that.

2. Ted, Marshall and Barney (How I Met Your Mother: 2005-present)

Of course Ted and Marshall are best friends. They’ve been roommates since college and they sword fight together (not that kind of sword fighting). As much as they like to deny it, Barney is just as much of a best friend– nay– a bro. Ted and Marshall are more direct and caring in their assistance as bro’s but that is not to discredit Barney’s bro contributions. His lessons may be more underhanded, but they are meant to teach none the less. He’s only trying to help his bros lead better lives. Brings a tear to my eye. They all have each others best interests at heart. And really, these guys have had some of the greatest adventures and have some of the best recurring inside jokes of any bros I know. They are in fact legendary.

1. Turk and J.D. (Scrubs: 2001-2010)

There is no denying it: this is bromance at its finest. Once again we see that the bond formed between college roommates is one of the toughest there is. These bros have it all, pancake drawers, matching bracelets that say “Turk & J.D.”, they even have a song about their special Guy Love. This bromance is right on the cusp of a full blown relationship, but as stated above, the only thing missing is sex. This is what every male relationship should strive to be. Congrats bros, ultimate bromance status achieved. Never be ashamed.

So there you go, readers. The top 10 bromances from 2000 to the present. Sure, some of theses shows barely made the time frame, but this is my list. Not yours. Shut up. Got a bromance you like better? Put it in the comments. I DARE YOU.

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