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Saturday, 8 of August of 2020

No Ordinary Family – “No Ordinary Sidekick”

“What are sidekicks for?”

It’s hard to be a sidekick. You’re often times over-utilized and under-appreciated. You get next to none of the glory but you’re always the one to take the blame when things go wrong. Most of the time your parents are dead too so life just sucks. George and Katie both got fed up with playing second string to the Super Powells and staged a walkout.

This was only a matter of time. George getting caught picking up after Jim. But rather than being carted off to jail like any other black man would have been, he‘s praised as a hero, something that will increase the size of his nearly bald head 10 fold. And it does. Jim is not liking that George has the credit. He has to hide while George gets the glory, under the pretense of protecting Jim’s identity of course.

But it seems more than that. George has always been very dedicated to the cause, even more so than Jim at times. It seems as if he’s living out some dreams through Jim, the one with the actual superpowers. Well now he’s getting the recognition every sidekick yearns for. Jim seems to get a bit jealous with George being able to openly accept the gratitude at stopping the would-be robbers. George doesn’t buy into Jim’s theory of the 4th robber because he thinks Jim is looking for a way to regain the glory of what George “did”. Enter rift number one.

Steph confronts Katie about Will’s online profile. Daphne has still been very suspicious of him not only because she can’t read his mind but because JJ was the one who created the Will persona in the first place. So they tell Steph and Steph tells Katie. Katie thinks this is all because Steph doesn’t want her to date because then she won’t be at her beck and call 24/7. Here’s rift number two.

Both theams are quick to realize that they are nothing without their other half and all is reconciled. It was important to show just how crucial Katie and George are to their respective superheroes and that they still have desires, hopes, plans and goals outside of them. They just don’t want to be taken for granted. Hell, that’s one of the reasons Dick Grayson left to become Nightwing.

Poor Daphne. She’s been trying to Scooby-Doo what the hell is “Will’s” deal for a few episodes now and she finally got her answers. With some dire consequences. In a fantastically creepy scene, Will corner’s Daphne, tossing furniture aside with his mind to block any possible escape. Will is still working for Evil Camden, yes, but he wants to know the secret to her powers being permanent. Kay Panabaker dominated the scene with such a terrified performance it gave me chills. The worst part about it all? Will wiped her memory. Now she’s reverted back to a pre-Brazil, pre-plane crash and powers mindset. This should throw up a few red flags.

JJ had a cute little love interest story here. JJ is too good at everything and too smart to relate to his plebeian friends. Everything is boring. Life is so hard. Wah wah wah. So he goes in search of the Smart People Club (guess brains don’t equate to creativity). He meets Natalie, another super smart teen. JJ tries to impress her but his powers go on the fritz when he’s around her. Cue 9 billion jokes about the blood rushing from his head to somewhere else. Besides setting up a love interest for JJ this C story seemed to only serve as an excuse for male performance and erection jokes. With a little help from Jim (does that baseball stats thing really work? Not the first time I’ve heard that.) he manages to get his mojo back and get a little smoochy-smoochy action in the end.

A very very solid episode. Evil Camden wants Steph to help him continue Volson’s work “within ethical boundaries” so we’re getting movement on that plot point. What’s going to happen in the wake of Daphne’s amnesia and what further reveals will it bring about? Some of the stars took to Twitter and promised this would be a big episode. And it was.

Final Thoughts:

  • Bowling! I love bowling!
  • Jim hit that man in the head. With a bowling ball. He should be dead. Jim Powell killed a man.
  • Stephen Collins does a great job. Evil Camden is a delicious bad guy. He’s so smooth and… evil.
  • Katie’s nerd references this episode included Comic Con and Wookies.
  • The picture of George that lady in the dry cleaners hung up wasn’t level.

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