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Thursday, 25 of February of 2021

Warehouse 13 – “Merge with Caution”

“Aha! So it’s not just a guy thing.”

Pete’s planning on having a romantic, sex filled weekend with Kelly. Myka is attending her high school reunion. But a run in with an artifact (griffin bookends owned by Robert Louis Stevenson) has them switching bodies and switching lives. With the premise that Warehouse 13 has it was only a matter of time until a body switching episode showed up. The possibilities of such an episode are endlessly amusing but, while fun, “Merge with Caution” played it relatively easy.

After the ol’ switcheroo is made, the gender bending buddies are able to offer one another a different perspective to assist in their problems outside of their duties. Myka was able to help Pete by sweet-talking his lady and making promises so sweet no guy could have ever possibly conceived them. Score points for Pete. Pete was able to talk Three Stooges and the Colorado Rockies (pick a better team, bros) with Kurt, Myka’s high school crush and score her some points as well.

That’s about it. There was an uncomfortable same sex (but not really) kissing moment and Pete felt up his new Myka body (cause honestly, what guy wouldn’t do that upon entering a female body) but I feel the episode didn’t live up to what a Warehouse 13 body switching episode could have been. It did toss a wrench in Pete and Myka’s attempts at normalcy so there’s that.

Artie and Claudia had a case of their own investigating why the higher ups of an insurance company were donating large portions of their earnings to charities. LOL greedy insurance companies. The artifact turned out to be a pair of stockings belonging to Mata Hari. The stockings got men to fall crazy in love with the wearer and managed to affect Artie, causing him to write poetry and almost shoot a man. Claudia had to step up and take charge, further solidifying her place as a capable agent. She did get to wield a Tesla (sexy) but didn’t get to use it (sad).

So the episode had some interesting artifacts and good laughs that were par for the course but outside of that, not much to say.

Final Thoughts:

  • Hey look! Leena’s back! And she does absolutely nothing…
  • The Twizzlers product placement is starting to get out of control. It is too in your face and it is every episode.

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